Zadeh Kicks Inventory Now Being Sold on eBay

The Zadeh Kicks saga continues as Nice Kicks has reported and confirmed with eBay that his inventory of the former Ponzi Scheme “preseller” is exclusively for sale on eBay.

One of the craziest stories this year happened when Zadeh Kicks closed the doors in May to his popular pre-order service and dissolved his LLC, thus scamming people for millions. Suppose you aren’t familiar with the now-defunct service. The company would offer just about any upcoming release months in advance at a reasonable price, but the closer it got to drop day, the higher the price.

As the business grew when sneakerheads figured out they could get a sneaker that would resell for $1000 after they dropped for barely above retail. While seemingly too good to be true, it didn’t slow the business down, which would have people wait nearly six months to a year after release to receive their pair.

It seems like a small percentage of customers did get their money back. Still, there are a whole lot more people that haven’t gotten anything, which had people wondering what would happen to the warehouses full of sneakers, reported to have about 60,000 pairs that never made it to a customer.

David P. Stapleton was appointed as the receiver for all affairs involving the dissolution of the Zadeh Kicks business. One of his biggest tasks was getting an accurate inventory of everything Zadeh had in stock. If that wasn’t a big enough task, he then had to find a way to dump a ton of merchandise and sell them for as much as possible to recover the millions owed to customers.

News that the eBay account Pacific_Kickz is selling Zadeh Kicks’ inventory, established on November 17, 2022, was first revealed by Nice Kicks. They stated they had tried to get in touch with the vendor to inquire whether or not it was related to the company’s liquidation. Even though the seller didn’t respond, they didn’t give up. Nice Kicks received an exclusive confirmation from eBay that the leftover inventory of the Zadeh Kicks company is for sale on their site under the username Pacific_Kickz.

There are currently nearly 500 distinct sneaker SKUs in more than 3,800 size variations, many of which have multiple options per size. Pacific_kickz has received 185 purchases out of the almost 60k that need to sale. If you are thinking you about to get a deal, think again as most pairs are priced at market and some a little over. Stay tuned to all our social media channels for more upcoming sneaker updates and news—shoutout to Nice Kicks for breaking this story


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