As More Early “Yeezys” Surface on Social, Does Adidas Have What It Takes To Market Them As Their Own?

One thing Adidas is good at is shooting itself in the foot after relying so heavily on the Yeezy brand, which is the only product line that has been selling out to carry the Adidas brand along. It seems like they make the same bad decisions over and over.

For example, when the 4D technology was still hot, long before the ultraboost fell off. Adidas didn’t make the technology widely available until no one cared about it. Now you can buy their ultraboost and 4D models off their site basically at wholesale. Considering they have discounts where you can purchase both for sometimes close to half off.

Now it’s understandable with all the Yeezy inventory they have; of course, they want to sell the stock to recoup some money. They had already finished production runs of Yeezy models for the original lineup for 2022 and even produced some meant for 2023. When the split first happened, they put their foot down, saying no matter what, they owned the designs and were selling them.

It’s more apparent to Adidas now more than ever that the only reason people have stuck around for 75 colorways of the 350 V2, a shoe that honestly isn’t even in style anymore was only because it’s a Yeezy. At the same time, most couldn’t get them when they were so limited and you had to get them on the secondary market for $500 to $800 depending on color. With no Ye they won’t sale like they use to.

Now, as more colorways are surfacing, people aren’t going to buy the shoes without Ye, especially at the regular prices, the models were listed at before. On social, you can see that people have already left the brand because of Ye’s departure. No one wants to buy a “Yeezy” that’s just a regular adidas shoe. Suppose adidas does move forward with producing more colorways and models, rather than just selling what’s been produced. They will likely make even more 350 V2 Colorways at a higher rate than they initially did when Ye was there, and people aren’t going to keep buying them.

If you look at Adidas’ previous track record, they are notorious for taking something that once worked and using the same formula well after it isn’t working anymore. That’s why they are still making almost every running sneaker modeled after the ultraboost, because it was once their most popular model. Which Ye was the reason the ultraboost blew up.

In our opinion, Adidas should just cut their losses, they decided to cut Ye out. They should sell their Yeezy product for at least $20 to $40 lower. Then if they want to use that design pallet from the Yeezy brand, then they need to make some brand new designs. In the end, they are just being hypocrites still trying to sell the Yeezy brand as their own. All they will be doing is still relying on that they were once Yeezy’s.

Let us know your thoughts on the situation on our social medias are you still buying Adidas Yeezy’s with no Ye?

Images via SneakerCollectorVN/ MasterChefIan/ RequestBoutiqueCLT

What’s Next For Adidas and Their Yeezy Inventory?

350 V2 Granite
Style Code: HQ2059 HQ2062 HQ2063

Release: January
Kids and Infant sizes have not loaded

Stock Adidas is Sitting on

Yzy Knit Bsktbl Onyx 
Style Code: HQ6762
Has been loaded since October before split
Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra
Style Code: CP6954 HP6592 HP6588

Full Family Sizing
Has been loaded since October before split
Yeezy 500 Utility Black
Style Code: F36640
Has been loaded since October before split
Yeezy 700 V2 Tephra
Style Code: FU7914
Has been loaded since October before split
YZY Foam Rnr Stone Salt 
Style Code: GV6840 HP5336 HP5341
Style Code: FV5677
Yzy Slide Azure
Style Code: ID4133
Ye owns this IP Adidas can’t sale
Yeezy 350 V2 Onyx 
Style Code: HQ4540 FZ6049
Full Family Sizing
Yzy 450 Stone Teal
Style Code: ID1632
YZY Foam Rnr Mx Azure
Style Code: ID4126
YZY Slide Granite 
Style Code: ID4132

Ye owns this IP Adidas can’t sale
Yeezy 700 Utility Black 
Style Code: FV5304
Yeezy 350 V2 Carbon Beluga  
Style Code: HQ7045
Yeezy 350 V2 Mx Dark Salt
Style Code: ID4811
YZY Foam Rnr Flax 
Style Code: HP5335
Yeezy 350 Pirate Black 
Style Code: BB5350
YZY 950 Pirate Black
Style Code: AQ4831
Yeezy 500
Style Code: IE4783
Early Pairs Still have Yeezy branding but they haven’t loaded yet
Yeezy 350 V2 Space Ash
Style Code:IF3219
Last Yeezy To Be Produced with Yeezy Branding. They still have not quit producing models.

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